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Head of Zeus Press Release


A novel about one of the great scandals of our time

by Ray Mouton

Fiction published by Head of Zeus on 9th August 2012 in hardback for £17.99, 576pp,
ISBN: 9781908800060 and eBook at £7.99, ISBN: 9781908800954
Available in Ireland as a trade paperback for £14.99 ISBN: 9781908800077

This book is more than a novel. It's a testament to one of the most harrowing problems of our time.
It's the story of one man's crusade to bring justice to the victims of child abuse. And it’s a journey through the dark corridors of the oldest, richest and most powerful religious institution on earth:
the Roman Catholic Church

About the author

Ray Mouton has been described by US media as the insider in the origin of the clergy abuse crisis. In 1984 he represented the first Catholic priest charged with sex crimes against children. The gravity of this case led Mouton to work across the United States with a canon lawyer in the Vatican Embassy, discovering a widespread culture of priests sexually abusing children. They discovered that the Church hierarchy were covering up these crimes to avoid scandal.

In 1985 Mouton co-authored a document with the canon lawyer that told the truth about the looming crisis, and the thousands of child-victims who had innocence ripped from their hearts. It has since been hailed by some media as the most important document issued in the crisis. The document was received, read and vetted by a close confidante of Pope Benedict XVI, in a secret meeting in Chicago in May of 1985. The Church hierarchy resolutely ignored the 1985 document and did not address clergy abuse in a formal meeting until 17 years later. Mouton says, "Only God knows how many children's lives were destroyed in those 17 years while the hierarchy attempted to ignore the plight of the most innocent members of their flock."

‘As a legal thriller this novel effortlessly ranks on par with John Grisham - if not better.’
Eamonn O'Neill, British investigative journalist

About the story

Louisiana, 1984: a promising young Catholic lawyer named Renon Chattelrault agrees to defend the first ever priest to be charged with committing sex crimes against children. He knows it will be controversial. He knows most men would stand aside. But Chattelrault is not most men.

With the evidence he has gathered during the defence of a man he abhors, he mounts a crusade to expose the vast conspiracy that goes to the very foundation of the Catholic Church; a conspiracy which has allowed those priests who have abused children to continue committing those crimes. For years, Chattelrault lives and breathes a fight for justice that will cost him everything. This is an astonishing story about one of the great scandals of our time, and one man's epic efforts to put things right.

Ray Mouton will be in the UK on publication.
To arrange an interview and for further information please contact Publicity Manager
Becci Sharpe at Head of Zeus on 02075537982 or email

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